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Valencia Taxi 24 hours

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Cab Valencia: 24 hours 365 days service

The cab is a means of public transport whose fares are regulated by the city council. The city council is the one that gives the licenses to the cab drivers, which consist in the authorization of a transport vehicle with driver. 
If it is an urban transport, it allows you to move around Valencia quickly and comfortably. Usually you can get a cab in different ways:
Requesting the service by phone or by an app to a center. This is usually done when the service is not so easy to get, such as at night when you can get a Valencia cab 24 hours a day

You can stop a Valencia cab 24 hours in the street. Either in a cab zone or at any point in Valencia.

The user contacts the cab driver directly and hires him, when he needs him for some service and normally he pays by the hour or by the activity, regardless of the fare.

Regulated Taxi Fare

Cab fares are always regulated. These tariffs can be by zones, fixed prices or by measuring the taximeter. The following parameters can be taken into account for the calculation of the tariff:
  • Payment by waiting
  • Lowering the flag
  • Holiday surcharge
  • Rates according to the time of day
  • Amount per distance
  • Payment for leaving your work radius
  • Transport of pets

Valencia Taxi 24 hours

Not all cabs have a 24 hour service, but at Plan About Transfer we are proud to offer it. Call us when you need us no matter what time it is.

Many times we have to use a cab at night or in the morning, either because we have gone out for dinner, to have a drink, an emergency .... or because we need to catch a flight. We recommend that if it is something you have planned, such as taking a flight, you book the cab in advance to ensure that the cab will be available for you at that time. But if it is not, don't worry and call us.