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Luggage Lockers

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At PLANABOUT we don’t want you to lose even one minute of your vacation time. Our experience tells us that your arrival in Valencia doesn’t always coincide with your holiday apartment check-in and although our vehicles are equipped with well-proportioned trunks, we cannot store your luggage in them. For this reason, we have different places available for you to store your luggage for a few hours until you are able to check-in. Our various reception desks will store your luggage under lock and key. With the receipt that you will be given, you may claim your luggage at any time so that in the meantime you might enjoy a ride on a bicycle, a paella, … 

You can arrange for this service via email before your arrival. If you hadn’t planned for this arrangement beforehand, you may do so once in Valencia through any of our drivers or by calling our number +34 96 629 249 999.