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To Peñíscola from 240€

Now it’s time to meet another city in our autonomous region, a city that you will fall in love with from the start and that’s why Planabout would like to introduce you to Peñíscola, also known as the City on the Sea. It’s an idyllic place where a single day will be enough to enjoy the sun, beach, family and cultural places of interest. If you come to this beautiful enclave you will discover a medieval city penetrated in the sea, presided over by a proud Templar Castle dating from 1307, in a fantastic state of preservation surrounded by a mass of streets of medieval design surprising you each step of the way. It’s lighthouse of 1892 and the Hermitage of the Virgin of Ermitana are two additional examples of its glorious architecture. Another more modern destination is the Museum of the Sea where you can find marine fauna, and the history and archeology of Peñíscola.

At Planabout we also want to highlight its great offering of culinary delights, culture, and patron saint’s day festivities. 
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