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To Jávea from 140€

Jávea is another one of the destinations that we recommend at Planabout. It has an extensive cuisine, a variety of fish, shellfish, mollusks such as sea urchins, very typical in this area, grilled octopus, …

But eating isn’t everything. Jávea has the only National Parador on the Costa Blanca that is right on the most-frequented beach, Arenal Beach. For the more daring among us, Jávea has many beaches surrounded by pine trees. One such beach is Ambolo Beach, a nudist beach. Other activities, such as scuba diving, can be found on Granadella Beach. 

In the harbor area you can also find the famous Our Lady of Loreto Church, built in the shape of a keel. 

Jávea also has an exciting history with characters such as pirates who by their repeated attacks forced the inhabitants to go further inland and to wall their city where today you can find its old quarter in which we find museums, cultural centers, and other buildings worthy of a visit. 
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