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To Cullera from 75€

We invite you to discover Cullera, a land of contrasts. There you will find mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, the Júcar River and rice paddies that comprise part of the coastal lagoon, the Albufera, where you can discover its biodiversity of fauna and flora. It’s the largest lake in Spain. Cullera has 15 kilometers of fine sand and different landscapes. For those who are more tranquil at heart, we suggest starting out from Planabout and visiting El Dosel or La Escollera Beach. For those who are more urban at heart, the best is San Antonio. Even pets have their own space on El Brosquil beach.

Cullera is a dream destination for lovers of history and archeology. Its old quarter has an endless number of heritage sights. A clear example is the museum situated within the castle where you can discover the archeology of every era. 
I must confess to you that food is one of the things we like best at Planabout. 

I love to eat. Who doesn’t? In Cullera, we can find restaurants with dishes such as PAELLA,  ARRÓS A BANDA and ALL i PEBRE. It’s all a delicatessen for our palates. 
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