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Thursday, 17 de May de 2018

The best places of leisure and culture in Valencia

The best places of leisure and culture in Valencia
This week in PLANABOUT we will talk about the city you've chosen to enjoy your holidays in, Valencia.

Valencia is a city you can lose yourself in... by enjoying the atmosphere of its streets, the color of its sky, and of course, the shops and spaces that hide in its urban districts beyond the City of Arts and Sciences or some of its best-known monuments.

Today, with this post, we will start a guide to the best places of leisure and culture in Valencia, places that will capture your fancy without a doubt.

Columbus Market. It’s a classic, but that’s not why this is a place not to miss. The old modernist market located in one of the districts of Valencia has been converted into an attractive space in which to eat, drink an horchata, or buy food in its gourmet market.

Cosin. In an open and avant-garde space, designer Pepe Cosín features internationally-known brands, from Zanotta to MDF, including Moormann, Vondom and Moroso.

Tapinería Market. It’s one of the fashionable spots of Valencia. A dynamic space on the cutting edge. In the Tapinería Market you´ll find fashion, antiques, cuisine... And in addition, the apartments in the plaza are for rent.

Marqués de Caro Hotel. A central and beautiful urban hotel that rises up from the old Wall of Valencia, designed by Francesc Rifé.

Studio Vintage. This establishment is a leader in the retro world of Valencia. Located in the Barrio del Carmen, Studio Vintage specializes in furniture and decorative objects from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

Luis Adelantado. Located on Calle Bonaire 6. It is a five-story art gallery that is at the forefront of contemporary art in Valencia.

La Chaise. An old textile warehouse from 1910 from which they recover, transform, and sell vintage objects and furniture. In addition, at La Chaise they also do interior design projects.

One Shot Reina Victoria Hotel. A charismatic hotel where personalities such as Ernest Hemingway have stayed. The façade is from 1913 and the interior, completely renovated, contains a wide collection of furniture created by Valencian firms.

Espai Tactel Gallery. The Espai Tactel Gallery is another place that should not be missed if you want to keep up with the most avant-garde trends.

Gnomo. This is one of those stores that when you enter you want many of the things you see. Gnomo is a store that offers everything you need for contemporary survival, from accessories to small decorative objects to stationary.

And here we finish this part of the guide to places that you shouldn’t miss in Valencia. Clearly, there are many more shops, hotels, galleries... that we will continue to talk about here in PLANABOUT each week. We encourage you to help us fill this guide with your suggestions in the comment section. We look forward to reading them!

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